With all the hullabaloo the coronavirus caused, most folks have turned to online work to help provide for their families’ needs. A lot of people who don’t have enough capital to start online businesses turned to drop shipping. They don’t need to have a factory to manufacture products nor pay warehouses to store inventory. They simply had to look for customers who are interested in the products they are selling and have them delivered from the supplier straight to the buyer’s doorstep.

The same thing is now happening when it comes to providing services such as content marketing, virtual assistance and clerical work, and SMMA outsourcing. This process is called drop servicing.

What is drop servicing?

Drop servicing, if placed in the real-world context, is sub-contracting services to clients who are in need of specific skills sets for projects. As a drop servicing provider, your job is to look for freelancers — or sellers — on the market that can help you meet clients — or buyers — needs.

Therefore, you’re acting as the middleman in the transaction that connects both parties while getting paid for your time and effort.

What services are included in drop servicing?

Practically anything can be drop serviced. From writing blog posts and designing web graphics to video editing and animation. The possibilities are endless. What you need to figure out is which services are in demand.

For instance, over the last five years, there has been a strong and steadily increasing demand for freelance writers. Once you identify which services are on top of people’s lists right now, you can start looking for freelancers and find out their going rates. Afterward, you can start marketing their services to clients and charging them to cover both your supplier’s rate and your profit.

What do you need to get started with drop servicing?

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To get started with drop servicing, draw a list of possible services you can offer. It would be best to stay away from services you know nothing about. Stick to those that you know or are at least familiar with.

Then start writing down some service providers’ names and their rates, as mentioned earlier.

We highly recommend starting with just one of the services on your list and focus on it first so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you’ve gained enough momentum on the first one, then you can eventually add another service to market from your list.

Why start a drop servicing business?

Other than it is a lucrative business nowadays, with everyone pretty much locked home and doing remote work, there are also a couple of reasons you should consider getting into the business.

First, a lot of entrepreneurs and SMEs are looking for professional services to help grow and market their businesses. If you’re armed with a list of highly-skilled professionals, you can help meet business owners’ needs.

Second, if you’re in the drop servicing business, you can provide jobs to various people from all over the world, especially those who have been displaced by the pandemic through layoffs and furloughs.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, including you.

Drop servicing is a lucrative business to get into with the right know-how. If you intend to get into it, put in the hard work and do your share of research. There are plenty of great opportunities to be found in this small yet growing industry.

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