Do you recall the time you saw the Marvels Avengers: Endgame trailer and how you felt while watching it? If you are like most people, you probably felt intense anticipation right? After watching the preview, you start counting the days until the launch date.

But did you know that a “coming soon” landing page could be just as effective for drumming up buzz and anticipation for your upcoming service or product? Done right, you could pique the interest of your target market and make them anticipate your upcoming launch as they would the Endgame film.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Don’t give everything away all at once.

Begin by dropping a headline or two that describes your upcoming product or service. From there, you can build anticipation for your launch by continuing to give out information utilizing email newsletters or blog posts every week or so. Don’t forget to put relevant headlines, compelling calls to action, and hashtags.

2. Include captivating visual elements.

Visuals are a crucial aspect of your company’s online presence, particularly on your coming soon landing page because there is not a ton of elements, such as text, to get the attention of page visitors. If your company already has a visual branding strategy going on, make certain that your coming soon landing page reinforces your visual branding.

Keep in mind that your goal is not only to reinforce brand familiarity — you should likewise grab the attention of visitors and appeal to their imagination with compelling visuals that will help communicate what your customers stand to get by availing of your upcoming service or product.

3. Promote other offerings.

social media icons shown in the keyboards of a computer

If you already have an established business, say a digital marketing company in Kansas City, and you’re just planning to launch a new service, you’ve got it easy. You already have a company site or other sites that will complement the service you’re offering soon.

You also probably have a presence on social media that you can leverage for inviting people to visit your site. But even if you’re just a fledgling startup that has only been operating for a couple of days, at the very least, you probably have some things to promote.

Even newer businesses typically have a primary site and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that they can use for connecting with their target market. In the event that you really don’t have anything to promote, you can just share your social media profiles on the coming soon landing page or a mail icon to encourage people to ask you for more information about your business. Whatever you decide to share or promote, make certain that what you’re promoting is relevant to your business and to your target market.

Your coming soon landing page could be an immensely potent marketing tool if you give it proper attention. With a clean and simple aesthetic, intriguing elements, a smart outreach strategy, and great copy, you could give your upcoming launch a major marketing boost even before the launching date.

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