Humans are naturally creative. We create things we think will make our lives easier. And while it might seem that we almost have everything these days, e.g., airplanes, drones, etc. Something innovative will come popping out of nowhere.

Because if we think about it, there’s still so much to discover and learn. The world is big, and the possibilities are endless. Some people are still aiming to create flying cars, and believe it or not, they are almost successful.

This article will talk about the simplest yet most useful innovations ever that made our lives significantly easier.

Smart Toothbrush

It’s time to say goodbye to your regular toothbrush and say hello to the smart toothbrush. This product is going to help you clean your mouth as fast as possible. One of the most famous smart toothbrushes in the market these days is called the Unico Smartbrush. It can clean your teeth in just three seconds. All you need to do is put it in your mouth.

The Unico Smartbrush looks like a mouthguard, and it’s made of rotating toothbrush heads. You have to put toothpaste in it, and the brush hairs will squirt the toothpaste to the teeth as it brushes. It can even spray out mouthwash to ensure that all areas of the mouth are cleaned.

Robotic Birds

Flocks of birds are common hazards in airports. And that’s why robot birds were invented. It’s designed to scare off actual birds and prevent them from flying on airport premises for their safety and the airplanes alike.

Here’s how it goes. These robot birds (that look like actual falcons) are spread around the airport to shoo away real birds. Their wings flap as well, making them look like authentic falcons, and because of that, birds think they’re predators. They get scared and fly away, and when they do, the airport becomes safer for take-off and landing.

Smart Helmets

Here’s another innovative idea for safety, the smart helmet. These helmets allow cyclists to bike and be seen in dark areas. What’s great about this is that its features include left and right signals. Not only that, it has brake lights too, making it much safer to bike at night.

How does it work? The cyclist can control the signal lights through a tiny remote affixed to the handlebars. So you don’t have to worry about cycling at night in the park or going around the newest IT company in the block, use your signal lights whenever you need to turn or brake.

Math Clock

The math clock, also known as the Albert Clock, is not your ordinary clock. To figure out what time it is, you’ll have to solve a math problem first. It will display math equations instead of time. And it gets even more challenging as it shows separate equations for the hour of the day and the minutes.

For example, if the clock shows 7+3 hours and 30-7 minutes, that means it’s 10:23. The clock is specifically designed to help children keep up with their math skills. So if you want to test yours, get one for yourself.

Innovative Trash Bin

We all understand the importance of recycling, but separating trash isn’t always an easy task for most people. Mixed garbage is a common problem with huge public garbage bins where biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes are thrown together.

Thankfully, an invention named the Bin-e aims to fix that problem. This innovative trash bin can sort waste into the correct bin by determining which can be recycled and what’s not. It works with the help of cameras and special sensors, and these features help the container itemize waste and place them in its proper designation. This product is indeed a must-have to save the planet.

Bike Light

Biking in dark areas can be dangerous because cars might not see you from afar. But fret not because an invention is here to solve this problem. It’s called the Bikesphere. The technology of this bike produces two rings of red lasers on the floor surrounding the bike. Thanks to this, drivers can now see cyclists better, keeping both parties safe from accidents.

Basketball Trainer Net

The basketball trainer net is perfect for people who want to improve their basketball skills, and it’s called the Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer. What’s impressive about it is that it fits over any basketball net. How does it work? The net will catch the ball when you toss it. It will then send the ball down to a holder underneath, allowing you to take the ball right away for another shot.

The main objective is to help you maximize your time by tossing the ball as much as you can instead of chasing the ball when it rolls away.

There’s no doubt that there are so many things that we haven’t discovered yet. Of course, if there’s a problem, there will always be a solution. And that’s what these innovations are all about, making lives easier so you can have the best time.

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