Real estate is a cutthroat industry; you have stiff competition coming from small to large firms. The fight can then become difficult if you are a small Adelaide realtor, wanting to grow your list of clients. One problem presents itself before you amidst the competition: how can clients find you among the dozens of other realtors in the business?

Use Local SEO for Visibility

Your answer lies in local search engine optimization. With the help of an Adelaide SEO company, you can enhance your online presence through search engine optimization. With an improved presence, when potential clients search for realtors online using words such as “realtor in city”, you can be the one that shows up on the first Google search page results.

Audit Your Website

Now you know the answer to your visibility dilemma, what exactly do you have to do to achieve the goal of becoming prevalent online through local search engine optimization? First, you have to evaluate your current online presence. You probably have a website to advertise yourself. Audit your website to see how effective it is in bringing in potential clients. You will need an Adelaide SEO company for this.

Enhance Every Aspect

Next, improve your website regardless of the results of your audit. Even if you already have a fairly effective website, you will still have some areas that you can improve. Enhance those and make your website rise in the rankings.

Create Citations

To improve your website more, you can focus on one particular aspect of search engine optimization that you may have missed all this time. Citations work to make your online presence more visible to Internet users. You may know citations in the form of backlinks and hyperlinks, but citations can do more as well. Simple mentions of your website or your firm can do more than enough already.

Place Yourself in Listings


You can create these simple mentions yourself by listing your business name, address, and contact details on local area listings. Some listings include Google Places, Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp among others. More important than the previous set of listings, real estate listings work even better in linking potential customers to your business. The more you include yourself in listings important to the city, the better chances you get in customers finding you.

Give Full Information

Aside from placing yourself in listings, you also have to take care of how your citations are presented. Little mentions on blogs, online magazines, and social media only refer to your business name at the very least. For maximum effect, as much as possible, pursue citations that require your business address and contact details too. Your complete information displayed in a structured way operates more effectively than little name drops of your business.

Keep It Consistent

Finally, with listings and structured citations, you have to be consistent with your information. All your citations and your website must contain the exact same contact details to the minutest aspect. When you present your number, for example, choose between +61 899 999 999 or 0999-999-999. Keep your contacts consistent to make potential customers reach you more easily.

You Can Now Be Found

You can enhance your online presence in the ways listed above. As for the rest of your search engine optimization needs, your search engine optimization agency can take care of you and your business.

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