When starting a company, you need to understand the different structural areas and how they function. Each department is unique and plays a vital role in your business. As the CEO of your company, you need to deploy separate departments with specific goals and a definitive path. It is your role to define each structure and functional areas depending on your business needs.

Here’s an outlook of how businesses and other organizations are structured:

Human Resources

This is one of the most critical assets in the company. As they say, your people are the backbone of your company. The Human Resource Department is in charge of recruiting the right people. They need to determine and set the qualifications including the required skills and experience for certain positions. In line with this, they are also in charge of complying with all the requirements including labor code, employees’ compensation and benefits, and other legalities.

Marketing and Promotion

Promotional and marketing campaigns are the best ways to boost your brand and create a positive engagement within your target market. This can also be a huge part of your recruitment as an effective marketing, and promotional campaigns can encourage other talents to join your organization. This department is in charge of implementing various marketing activities to reach your target audience. The success of these campaigns can be measured by the sales generated within the campaign period.

Customer Service and Support

This department is responsible for communicating or interacting with customers. Their primary objective is to address people’s concerns, which is essential for maintaining the company’s image and reputation. In most companies, they provide customer service and support before, during, and after the purchase, or availing their services.


In a business perspective, the sales department plays the biggest role in the company’s success. While every department is crucial, this team provides the “fuel” or resources to keep the organization going. As mentioned, they are responsible for generating revenue. Basically, the sales team and the marketing department go hand in hand in terms of brand awareness, product launching, and other sales activities. From the time the production team delivers the output, sales department need to strategize to sell the product to target customers.

IT Support

computer engineer

In today’s modern technology, you need the right set of tools and equipment to help your team become more productive. The IT Support team is responsible for generating software for each department. Their objective is to provide direct operating assistance to each department and to create programs to boost productivity and efficiency. Any technical problems can slow down productivity, which can greatly affect business operations. To avoid this problem, look for IT consulting companies Kansas City.

Production and Operations

Production and operations work together in delivering the best output for the company. The operations need to foresee, design and develop different processes to ensure all tasks are delivered on time. Quality control is also part of their function.

For starting or growing business, refining the structure of their organization is essential. The key here is to develop the functions of each department depending on the business needs.

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