Many business owners are great at multi-tasking, but juggling all aspects of their business can still be quite challenging. While some of them don’t have enough time to attend to all their duties, some lack the means to hire in-house teams to manage their operations. This is where outsourcing enters the picture.

The Popularity of Virtual Assistance

More and more businesses today outsource some of their tasks so that they can focus on more important business matters. Virtual assistants provide these businesses with competent off-site services and solutions. They offer support in secretarial jobs, allowing business owners and teams more time to attend to their duties. Virtual IT support for businesses, for example, provides value by catering to the tech needs of the company, ensuring smooth and secure IT operations.

Due to the growing demand for virtual assistance, you can find many VAs out there. While most of them perform only administrative roles, you can also see companies that offer complete services – from IT solutions and graphic/website designing to marketing and customer service. Your choice of VA depends on the duties that you wish to outsource. Here are some of the basic tasks that you can outsource to a virtual assistant:

  • Accounting
  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • E-mail management
  • Research

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants are mostly part of the team that drives growth to your business. This is why it makes sense to hire only the most capable and competent professional.

When hiring a virtual assistant, make sure that they have the skill set that you need. Check their background and experience in the field to ensure that you get the right person for the job. If you need virtual IT support, it doesn’t make sense to find, let’s say, a customer service staff with zero know-how on IT.

Professionalism is another crucial aspect to look into. When you communicate with prospective assistants, take note of how they answer your voicemails and emails. Do they respond in a timely and professional manner? Do they send the requirements on time? Do they treat you with respect? Your first conversation with a prospective worker is an excellent time to assess how professional the candidate is, so pay attention.

Tech skills are another requirement. A tech-savvy person can help you run your office efficiently, potentially saving time and money in the long run. Ask your candidates about the software products and applications they use and see if they can adapt to your company’s systems and tech tools.

Availability is another quality of a good virtual assistant. Make sure that your VA is available when your business needs them. A good VA must be available during your business hours. Being open for support during evenings and weekends is a plus point, especially when you have special projects to finish and deadlines to meet.

To find highly efficient VAs, you can ask your colleagues, business partners, and connections if they have hired one before. What’s excellent about referrals is that you already get an idea of the competence and value of the person. After all, a good friend or business partner won’t recommend a sloppy newbie to you.

Start looking for a virtual assistant today and remember the given tips to quickly find the best one for the job.

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