Any parent knows the pain of raising a child. As much as you love your little human, teaching them right from wrong and helping them fix their mistakes can be quite a challenging task. In their first years of life, they rely on you completely. You simply cannot do anything without considering their own needs first.

Building a website is just like that. Here are three reasons your website may be just like a growing child:

You Give Them Your Ideas

Children learn from mirroring their parents. That’s how they get your habits and learn the language you speak. Your website, of course, starts as a blank slate. You get the fun yet also challenging task of filling it up with all the information you think is relevant to your project. Everything you give your website to store and all the revisions can be seen if you use a capture page software to see the progress of your website, from its infancy to its adulthood, when it’s live and fully functional.

You Protect Them from Harm

Children can be quite a magnet for trouble. They don’t know how to avoid danger, and while they’re still learning to walk, you’ll need to clear their path and be there when they fall.

Websites are no different in the sense that they need you to secure their pages to protect the content they hold, their integrity, and the vital information keyed in by its users. A child may lose their life or go down a dangerous path if you fail to protect them. It’s almost the same as a website being compromised, and you lose all access to it since someone gained unwanted access.

You Feel Proud of Their Achievements

That first babble, that first step — the first everything that your child successfully does on their own feels like a major milestone for you. You share the exciting news with anyone who will listen, and you even celebrate the anniversary of their achievements.

For your website, milestones differ, but they’re milestones nonetheless. For instance, you may celebrate gaining one million visitors or, if it’s an e-commerce site, fulfilling its 1,000th shipment. Anything that seems like a monumental achievement will be worth celebrating because of all the hard work you put into it.

You Feel Sad About Letting Them Go

officemates looking at the laptop

You started as the sole source of information for your child, but they’ve developed their own thoughts and want to be by themselves when they reach adulthood. Soon, you’ll realize that they are more than just a mirror of you and have their own lives to lead. It’s a bittersweet moment. You feel proud that they are now able to decide for themselves, but you also feel sad about not being needed anymore.

Your website, once live, is out there for everyone to visit and interact with. You cannot hide anything from its visitors, but you also feel proud that your site is holding up. There will come a time, however, when it might need to be archived. From there onward, you will not be able to make changes to it anymore. It has reached the end of its life cycle and all you can do is replay fond memories you’ve had while making your site.

Parenthood is a fun and fulfilling time in your life. Running a website is no different.

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