Rosy is an HR officer tasked with uploading the personal details of each new hire to their database. That’s along with processing leave requests and interviewing candidates. While this seems to be a small task, it consumes way more time than it should. This is where automation makes sense.

Business process automation can cut costs by 90%, according to Forrester. If your HR employee can be freed from tedious uploading tasks and focus on developing their skills in finding top talents for your company, isn’t it a big win? Here are business processes that you should consider automating:

New Client Onboarding

When you get new clients, what follows after the celebratory wine is a series of e-mails, faxes, and endless phone calls to set them up. Although it seems a bit cold and heartless to automate this part of the business, it’s actually for the benefit of your client. If your current onboarding process is not up to scratch and leaves rooms for questions, it wastes your client’s time. It also sends the message that you’re not taking their project seriously and breeds doubt if you’re the right company for the job. A task management program can help you have a smoother and faster client onboarding process.

Leave Approvals

Processing leave requests is cumbersome and takes too much time, even for smaller companies. Imagine Harold who filed for a leave one month ago but ended up not wanting to use it. So your HR or whoever is in charge of processing leave requests would have to manually pull up the spreadsheet file and give back Harold his one leave credit.

This is just one of the minor inconveniences involved in leave approval that accumulate over time. Leave processing software can give you a centralized system that keeps all the records of leave requests and credits in one system and automates the entire process.

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Keeping in Touch with Business Partners

In the world of business, connection is everything. That’s why companies do everything they can to stay in touch with their partners. Anand Sampat of Datmo claims that using automation to send e-mails at times that were most convenient for their partners around the world saved them “weeks in missed connections”.

Their e-mail automation system enabled them to send messages to their partners without having to worry about disturbing them while they’re sleeping or enjoying time with their families.

Ticketing Processes

Tales of bad customer service spread like wildfire on social media, and you don’t want that for your company. E-mails are simply not enough to respond to the quickening need for customer resolutions. Automating the support process ensures that each query is handled on time by the right team.

In the end, automation is not right for every business. With that in mind, you have to assess if yours will benefit from it or not. If done right, automation can boost your company’s productivity, improve your customer service and partner relations, and directly contribute to your company’s revenue or bottom line.

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