Behind every photoshoot is a deadline looming over everyone’s shoulder. As fun and creative shoots are, no one wants to waste their time on set. Start by crafting a vision for the set you’re going to make. This is easier if your client has a certain concept they have in mind. If you’re given full freedom to shoot the way you want, create a straightforward concept. Save your experimental shots outside of crunch time. Once you have a simple and easy-to-execute idea of how your shots will go, it’s time to brief your team.

Set Expectations

Be clear in communicating your goals in the shoot. If you’re going to take a lot of time for something, this is where you should do it. The team should know every detail of your plan down to the time you expect to finish the shoot. Your makeup artist should do nothing more than makeup and the same goes for everyone else. You should also have a professional photo retouching service hired by now. If you already have models, try to snap some practice shots before the day of the shoot. This way, both of you are already familiar with what poses you want on set.

Prepare for the Worst

Environmental factors can’t always be controlled, especially if you’re taking photos outside. Be sure to prepare for the worst by checking the weather forecast before the day of the event. If you’re planning to shoot in the park, observe which time during the day has the least amount of people. If electricity suddenly goes out in your indoor set, take it outside instead and work with natural light. It pays to be flexible if you want to get things done.

Outsource Your Models

Model striking a poseCasting calls are somewhat becoming a thing of the past. They’re just too slow in the fast-paced industry of commercial photography. Getting your models from an agency is the most efficient way of hiring talent. You don’t have to vet the models because they’re already trained professionals.

Stick with What You Do Best

Every photographer has their own niche. And the most artistic ones say that you should always try to break free from your comfort zone. As true as this is for your growth as a photographer, it’s best to stick with what you know when you’re chasing a deadline. Let your gut do the shooting for you. You’ll be done on time and you’ll have consistently great looking photos.

A productive photo shoot is a straightforward one. Set aside new things for the next shoot. It always pays to have a clear plan and a timeline to get things done. Remember to expect for the worst conditions and have a backup plan in mind as well. Most importantly, enjoy the process even if it is strict. Sure, you might not always get the most creative photos, but the shots you want aren’t always the ones your client needs. For now, find comfort through a sigh of relief because you’ve beaten your deadline.

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