Printers are an essential component of any office or retail store. While we try to reduce the amount of paper waste we produce, we just can’t seem to function without these machines. We use them for practically everything, from invoices and receipts to office memos and reports. But maintaining them can be a pain, especially if you have zero background in maintenance.

We are sure that you’ve heard of work horror stories about printers breaking down just when someone needed a page (or twenty) printed. Printers are notorious for malfunctioning in the most inconvenient of times, and in many cases, a broken printer means you cannot work. If you find yourself having to deal with malfunctioning printers often, you might want to look for a Zebra printer repair service.

1. Read the manual

The first thing you should do is to read the printer’s user manual. Not all printers are the same, and it pays to consult the manual first before doing any maintenance work. If you do not follow the procedures laid out in the manual, you might void the warranty and even damage the printer.

2. Buy a maintenance kit

Many brands sell a maintenance kit for office printer upkeep. A kit usually contains instruction booklets, cleaning supplies, and replacements for components that are most susceptible to wear and tear.

3. Use at least once a week

Printers have to be used often to keep it in working condition. If it sits idle for more than a week, the ink could dry, leading to more serious issues down the line. Print out a page or two once a week just to keep the machine from throwing a tantrum.


4. Clean the print head

You have to clean the print head every three weeks, primarily if you rarely use the printer. Infrequent printing can lead to the ink drying up, which in turn causes blocked print heads. You will know if the print heads are clogged if the printing is patchy or uneven.

Some newer models have a built-in cleaning system you can use to automate the cleaning process. If not, you have to do it manually. To get to the head, you have to remove the print cartridges first. Only use warm water to clean the head, as alcohol can damage the part, and wet tissue can leave fibers behind. Allow the head to dry completely before returning it to its position.

5. Position properly

Printers are finicky machines. You have to place them in just the right spot, or else it will throw a fit. Place the device near AC vents, and the cold air could dry out the ink in the cartridges. Too much heat also poses a problem. Place the printer somewhere away from sources of hot and cold air.

6. Update the software

Newer printer models can stop functioning if the software hasn’t been updated in a while. Occasionally, the maker will push updates to the printer drivers that patches existing problems or adds new features. Always check the manufacturer’s website for the latest updates.

These pointers will help you keep your printer in top condition. Just like any machine, the office printer will last longer if you maintain the machine often and follow manufacturer guidelines. Be sensible when using the unit, and always keep it clean and free of dust.

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